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Coming Soon to Montgomery County

Struggling to find a place to charge your EV? If you live in Montgomery County and park your EV on the street, overnight - we want to hear from you.

Curbside Electric is working with Montgomery County to pilot our innovative curbside chargers.

If you drive an EV (or will soon purchase one), and do not have access to dedicated off-street parking, sign up for more information on getting a charger installed outside your residence. We will fund the installation and hardware for your charging needs.

In order to qualify you must:​

  • Live within Montgomery County

  • Own an EV or be able to show a pending order

  • Lack access to dedicated off-street parking

  • Have approval from your property owner

Live in a common ownership community (HOA)? You may still qualify.


If your community has shared parking without EV charging, we want to hear from you. Please indicate your interest in adding chargers at your dwelling. Sites must have approval from your property owner or the governing body of your common ownership community.​

Please submit your details in the form below and we will be in touch in due course.


Thank you!

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