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Announcing Curbside Electric!

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Los Angeles, California, October 9, 2023 – Today marks a significant milestone in our journey as we proudly announce our new brand identity: Curbside Electric. Our commitment to reshaping the landscape of utility connections for a sustainable, connected, and electrifying future remains unwavering.

At Curbside Electric, we are on a dedicated mission to pioneer innovative solutions that empower homeowners to seamlessly contribute to the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. Our flagship product heralds a paradigm shift in the way residential properties engage with public EV charging. This transformative system allows homeowners to provide public EV charging via a utility sub-meter, all while receiving compensation.

Designed to be both user-friendly and cost-effective, our charger can provide up to 22 kilowatts of alternating current (AC) power to an EV, delivering up to 13 miles of range in just 10 minutes. By offering easy installation and setup, Curbside Electric makes EV charging accessible, convenient, and faster than ever before, expediting the transition to sustainable transportation.

The future holds great promise for Curbside Electric, with significant achievements, including an awarded grant from the Michigan Office of Future Mobility and Electrification, acceptance into the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), a funded LA pilot program, and a major grant award from the State of Maryland for a Montgomery County pilot program.

Curbside Electric has ambitious plans to expand its product portfolio, facilitating broader grid connections and grid-adjacent activities. The company’s ultimate objective is to provide governments and utilities with deployable and scalable solutions that enhance electrification in their communities. By enabling easy access to electrification, the company is poised to make a profound impact on the way our world powers its future.

Curbside Electric remains steadfast in our core values of innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. We are excited about this evolution and are eager to continue serving as a catalyst for unlocking residential utility connection potential.

About Curbside Electric

At Curbside Electric, we’re reimagining the curb for an electrified world. We see curbs not as static spaces, but as dynamic centers for electrification, ready to meet the ever-changing demands of humanity. Join us in reshaping mobility, reducing emissions, and electrifying the world.

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